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CIV students from Kindergarten to the end of the 3º Ciclo / Year 10 are subject to wearing a uniform.

The uniform is intended to create a spirit of unity amongst the students, being one of the most significant visual elements of the school in which students and staff are represented in its logo, bound by values, growth and identity. 

The secondary school students (10º -12º ano /Year 11-13) do not wear a uniform, however a sensible smart casual dress sense is required that respects the school community.

All components (except socks and shoes) bear the CIV’s logo and are available at the Stationery Shop (“Papelaria”). 

The components of the Student’s uniform should be combined as follows.


  • Dark blue trousers, shorts or skirt 
  • White polo shirt 
  • Dark blue, sleeveless pullover 
  • Blue and white striped shirt with short or long sleeves 
  • Dark blue, sleeveless pullover 
  • Dark blue waterproof jacket 
  • Dark blue socks (external purchase)
  • Dark shoes or trainers (external purchase)

Uniform for Physical Education 

  • Tracksuit 
  • Physical Education Shorts 
  • Blue sweatshirt 
  • White t-shirt 
  • White cotton socks (external purchase)
  • Suitable trainers for practising sports or ballerina shoes (external purchase)

Formal Uniform 

  • Dark blue trousers or skirt 
  • Blue and white striped shirt 
  • Dark blue pullover 
  • Dark blue socks (external purchase)
  • Dark shoes (external purchase)