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Research Projects

Research Projects

Research projects are used as a methodology to promote students’ learning. Teachers develop various research projects in the field of science, mathematics, the arts, philosophy, literature and first and foreign languages. 

The research projects at CIV emerge from a dynamic research environment created by staff which has resulted in reflection and a consequent paradigm shift. CIV´s proposal for a twenty-first century school includes the encouragement of a cross curricula approach; the organisation of skills and the application of current knowledge.  This is promoted through autonomy, cooperative learning, committing to life-long learning and keeping updated with information and communication technologies. 

Through individual and group research projects students ask questions, research, consult and challenge various sources of information, test hypotheses, summarise information and present their findings through various media. The formal presentation of the projects reinforces cooperative learning whilst promoting the overall development and enhancing the entire learning process.

The teacher has the role of mediator/advisor, which is essential in defining the student's research route in order to build knowledge.