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Psychology Office

Psychology Office

The School's Psychology Office plays a key role in the day-to-day life of our school. Among its many facets the assessment, diagnosis and referral of students, psychological support and educational and vocational guidance is highlighted.  

In the case of formal evaluation situations of underage students, written permission from parents or guardians is required. 

Monitoring and support 

The school psychologist counsels the student body in times of difficulty, attempting to ensure safety, developing confidence and providing skills that will allow self-evaluation in order to find solutions to resolving personal conflicts. 

This work is based on a mandatory confidentiality basis by the psychologist's ethical code. 

Kindergarten Diagnostic Tests 

The Kindergarten Diagnostic Tests are based on the skills that influence reading, writing and mathematics, respecting the acquisition of language and quantitative concepts, visual-perceptual ability, memory and visual/physical coordination. Assessment in Kindergarten has been held since 2005. 

Educational and Vocational Guidance

Educational and Vocational Guidance is of utmost importance in preparing young people to face the complexity of the education system and its links with the working world.

The purpose of educational Guidance tests serve to help and support students in their decision-making process, while seeking to promote their independence in the search for information. 

Health and Safety

The psychology office is also responsible for providing Health Education which is age appropriate.