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Primeiro Ciclo

Primeiro Ciclo

Primeiro Ciclo follows the Portuguese National Curriculum as defined by the Ministry of Education, however adapted to an international context and to the ideals of CIV. Therefore, in addition to the ministry-appointed classes and contents, students learn to speak a second language (English) fluently. In 2014, the learning of a second foreign language (Mandarin) was introduced, due to its ranking as one of the most widely spoken languages around the world. Learning Mandarin is a rewarding and enriching experience for children, as it entails a unique writing system with an ancient tradition and becomes a distinguishing feature of CIV’s students. 

1º Ciclo encourages creativity and independence, emotional education, stories as a methodology, a love for literature and constant contact with authors and storytellers. 1º Ciclo also promotes a love for drama and contact with other important artistic forms such as music, dance, singing and painting. 

To maintain a sense of continuity in relation to the work developed in Kindergarten, the Philosophy class for children continue through story telling.  The imagination gives rise to critical thinking as well as the ability to learn to listen to others and to respect their individuality. 

A very experienced teaching team promotes engaging and captivating projects such as; problem solving, the Ciência Viva programme, the reading programme and individual research projects.