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APT 856
8125-911 Vilamoura
Algarve - Portugal

Telephone (+351) 289 303 280 *
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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Vilamoura International School’s (CIV) mission is to promote international education in Portugal. This entails a permanent focus on research and innovation, ensuring quality and a unique experience in the early learning of foreign languages in an international environment.   

CIV is one of the main promoters of the concept of international education in Portugal and it is part of its mission as an international school, to ensure that its students acquire skills throughout their primary and secondary education:

  • Communication skills in different social contexts;
  • Capacity to form regular and independent reading/writing habits in Portuguese or English;
  • Communication skills in different linguistic contexts (Portuguese, English, French, Russian); 
  • Ability to independently research and transform information into new knowledge; 
  • Independent organisational skills for personal and work life; 
  • Leadership skills and the promotion of values and attitudes;
  • Ability to cooperate with others and to engage in social issues within the national and international community; 
  • Ability to critically apply scientific, technological and cultural knowledge to answer simple and complex problems in everyday life; 
  • Ability to solve simple and complex challenges by weighing different choices and points of view; 
  • Ability to manage the balance of the body (hygiene / food and physical activity);
  • Revealing ecological awareness in their daily routines and in social contexts. 

Vilamoura International School considers all these skills when developing its educational and curricular projects.