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The Festival of Questions asks: “Which question would you urgently like to ask?”

They have appeared everywhere: at the entrance to the school, in the Kindergarten, at the bar, in the library, in the dining hall, in the Multicultural Room and on the doors of each classroom. They are questions born of curiosity, from the drive to know a little more about subjects that we consider to be important during this 7th edition of the Festival of Questions. 

The event aims to encourage the whole school community (students, teachers and staff) to question the world around them, and to interrogate their own understanding, in order to mark World Philosophy Day which was celebrated November 21st.

“Which urgent question would you like to ask?” was this year’s query, put forward by Philosophy teacher and project organiser Laurinda Silva. The most “urgent” questions have popped up all in areas all around the school, and they will later be compiled into a book. 

This year, the most urgent questions of one Kindergarten class were illustrated by both the students who asked the questions and a group of older students in the Secondary School, who interpreted their words. The results of this challenge are on display in the Bar, where there is a small exhibition of their work. 

In the library, you can contribute a response to these questions (or question the questions!) on our responses board. Come and visit us! 

Philosophy for Children and Young People has been part of the curriculum at CIV since 1997 across every year group.