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With over thirty years of experience in early childhood education, CIV’s Kindergarten has been operating since 2011 in accordance with an educational model in which research is the engine for the development of social and affective skills.

In an environment that promotes creativity and independence, shaped to fit CIV’s educational standards, students experience the arts and music, science and mathematics, and language and philosophy laboratories, on a daily basis. 

The ability to “see beyond the walls”, its linearity and continuity in a bilingual setting, allows students to experience a cross curriculum through the application of innovative teaching methods supported by a humanistic education.  

Investment in rich and innovative projects - teaching two foreign languages (English and Mandarin), the Problem Solving Programme, the Storytelling Methodology and Philosophy for Children - has been the basis for success at CIV. 

CIV’s Kindergarten is an educational level that challenges, conciliates, investigates and projects a thirst for knowledge.  It instils an inquisitive and attentive outlook of the world.