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Problem Solving

Problem Solving

CIV's Educational Programme is aimed at the development of mathematical and language thinking, which complement and enhance each other across the entire curriculum. 

In 2011, the Problem-Solving Programme emerged in CIV’s Kindergarten, aiming to develop the student's ability to think and activate complex cognitive processes, skills considered necessary in becoming a conscious and critical citizen.

Problem solving is a productive activity which involves the ability to explore, understand verbal and written statements, paraphrase, formulate hypotheses, organise knowledge from various fields, reconsider solutions, share information and work together in a group. The implementation of a project of this nature requires that staff and students engage in permanent discussion. 

This is a productive and rigorous programme confirmed by the quality of teaching practices, which encourage verbal communication, leading students to verbalise their reasoning, analysing, explaining and systematically confronting processes and results. 

Besides the many challenges faced by students and staff, this project develops trust and a positive attitude towards Mathematics, promoting autonomy and cooperation amongst peers.

Currently the project is active throughout Kindergarten, 1º Ciclo and Primary School and is being considered for secondary school.