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Philosophy for children and youngsters

Philosophy for children and youngsters

Vilamoura International School has established itself, throughout its history, as an outstanding innovative school and a pioneer in educational projects. As an international school, in addition to teaching two curricula, the National Curriculum (Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science) and the British National (adapted) / Cambridge Curriculum (Cambridge International Examination), it has also focused on the development of the cognitive and socio-affective skills of students.

During the 1990s, CIV introduced Philosophy for Children and Youngsters, currently part of the curriculum from Kindergarten to 9º ano. Teacher training focused on Mathew Lipman’s philosophy, applied in over 30 countries around the world. 

Today, with national recognition and great international prestige, CIV regards Philosophy for Children and Youngsters as a core structural area of the school’s curriculum. Students who are able to apply philosophical thought in order to question the world; get to know it in all its diversity; understand its conflicting realities; make informed decisions and seek creative solutions to problem solving, see their ability translated in their academic results.

Philosophy for Children and Youngsters also aims to develop independent, critical and creative thinking, whilst promoting intra and interpersonal thought. From an early age, children are encouraged in public speaking and develop articulated logical thinking.