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International Education

  • International Education

    International Education

    The Vilamoura International School is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), an organisation dedicated...

  • Educational Programme

    Educational Programme

    From Kindergarten/Nursery and throughout their schooling, particular attention is paid to the spoken and written...

  • First and foreign languages

    First and foreign languages

    The structure of the curriculum reflects international education. In Kindergarten, English in the Portuguese Studies and...

  • Philosophy for children and youngsters

    Philosophy for children and youngsters

    Vilamoura International School has established itself, throughout its history, as an outstanding innovative school and a...

  • Research Projects

    Research Projects

    Research projects are used as a methodology to promote students’ learning. Teachers develop various research...

  • Problem Solving

    Problem Solving

    CIV's Educational Programme is aimed at the development of mathematical and language thinking, which complement and...

  • Storytelling


    Art is a significant facilitator of communication and language in education that takes both an educational and...

  • Clubs


    Clubs are a curricular area of great tradition within the school programme and have a significant role in the full...

  • Assessment


    CIV promotes curricular assessment according to two distinct points of observation: internal evaluation and external...

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

    CIV’s constant concern for educational innovation led to the implementation, in 2006, of an integration project...

  • International Internships

    International Internships

    CIV has established contacts with several European international schools, supporting continued internships and...

  • Internal Rules of Procedure

    Internal Rules of Procedure

    Get to know Vilamoura International School’s Internal Rules of Procedure Here: