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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

CIV’s constant concern for educational innovation led to the implementation, in 2006, of an integration project for new technologies in the classroom. The school has invested in new technologies, equipping all classrooms with projectors, interactive whiteboards, teacher training, Wireless Internet and the installation of a Moodle platform. Lessons have become more dynamic with the use of laptops in the classroom.

Interactive methods within each subject, combined with the project methodology (individual and group research projects) has led to a development in student learning. Research Methods and Techniques, knowledge of research tools, data processing and image manipulation has contributed greatly to create an enthusiasm for research, organisation of information, supporting points of view, diversifying sources of information and, of course, the presentation of results.

This approach, of using information and communication technologies in an educational context, stimulates self-confidence, independence and cooperative learning.