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Ensino Secundário

Ensino Secundário

Ensino Secundário at CIV culminates school education. Students will acquire a solid preparation through their unique ability to deal with abstract thinking and be a part of national and international research projects.

Considering that students should progress from the simplest to the most complex (the methodologies do not exempt systematic and sequential observation), the demand in Ensino Secundário is very high and strives to be above the requirements needed for further studies.

CIV students at this phase enjoy an intensive education (in small groups, accompanied by a tutor) in specific subject areas, a bilingual environment, a humanistic and scientific education,  internships and contact with national and international research centres linked to prestigious universities.

In 11º and 12º anos, students benefit from individual support in the application process to Portuguese and/or foreign universities.

In a decisive phase in their lives, CIV provides outstanding preparation for the Portuguese National exams. In addition to the mock examinations, students are offered individual or small group preparatory sessions.

The various learning experiences provided in different contexts include not only a solid academic background, but above all an outstanding personal and social education.