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Portuguese Studies

Portuguese Studies

In the Portuguese Studies, the Portuguese National Curriculum is adapted. CIV’s curriculum enables the development of cross-cutting and systemic cognitive and socio-affective skills, highlighted by:

  • Foreign languages - Teaching of foreign languages: Portuguese, English, French - as compulsory curricular subjects;  Russian, as optional extra-curricular subject
  • Philosophy for children 
  • Mathematics and Sciences
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • The Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts)
  • Sports

Students of the Portuguese Studies sit National Examinations at the end of each key stage, allowing students to apply to university after completing their 12º ano national exam.  In the case of students who wish to attend foreign universities, the school provides support in the preparation for specific exams defined by such universities, and helps students with their application process.

CIV offers its students a rich and diverse cultural environment, an educational programme focused on the development of cognitive and socio-affective abilities in an international and multilingual environment, with emphasis on:

  • An exceptional cultural and scientific environment (students in contact with national and international research centres)
  • A stable teaching team, with solid training and undergoing continuous study
  • Unique partners: families who support, know and enrich the educational project;
  • Harmonious, rich, diverse and multicultural educational environment, reinforced by humanistic values
  • Well-defined educational priorities to form competitive, independent and creative children with linguistic, scientific and social skills, enabling them to be successful in any cultural environment