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English Studies

English Studies

In the English Studies, the British National Curriculum (adapted) is taught up to Year 6 with the application of the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations in Year 6 and the Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint examinations in Year 9. In Years 10 and 11, students take the IGCSE examinations (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and in Years 12 and 13 they take the AS Level (Advance Subsidiary Level) and the A Level (Advance Level), respectively.

The English Studies Curriculum is conducted in a rich and diverse cultural environment, with an educational programme focused on the development of cognitive and socio-affective skills, in an international and multilingual context which makes it a life-laboratory. 

Particular attention is placed on the development of first (English) and foreign languages and on mathematical skills. Simultaneously, learning environments are created which lead students to develop and improve interpersonal relationships and their self and peer-assessment ability. These skills are essential to their own critical understanding as well as that of others and could result in better choices.

Vilamoura International School promotes an International environment embodied in humanistic values, ??focusing on the following key points:

  • A link between the Humanities and Sciences;
  • Understanding the world; valuing its diversity, abundance and complexity without abandoning one’s own views, beliefs and feelings;
  • The students’ ability to question the world;
  • Allowing for experiences in different contexts and linguistic environments, while respecting the student’s individuality;
  • Education as a whole - theoretical and practical training, cognitive and emotional development;
  • Global awareness involving artistic appreciation (dance, music, art) and understanding the importance of physical education in promoting a healthy body and mind (basketball, golf, athletics, football, yoga, karate and tennis); 
  • Social awareness highlighting the Christmas Fair as the main fund raiser.  The SRC are actively involved in developing other initiatives, namely Red Nose Day, the Shoe Box Appeal, Remembrance Day, the Food Bank and various other stalls throughout the year;
  • Environment awareness with special focus on protecting our natural resources and the Eco-Club highlights the conservation of water;