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CIV promotes curricular assessment according to two distinct points of observation: internal evaluation and external evaluation. Regarding the former, the priority is given more to the evaluation of processes and less to content. More important than reproducing information about the content from a teaching unit, is to assess the capacity demonstrated by the students to know about, represent or solve problems. The contents are taken into account as development processes. 

With regard to summative assessments, a policy of general evaluation of the student’s skills is followed at times of transition between the different levels of education. In a more formal approach, the assessment may take the form of internal examinations, written or verbal, but always focused on evaluating the skills that the students are expected to have acquired at a given level of education. The results are always disclosed and reflected internally.  

The diagnostic assessment and the formative assessment are key methodologies at CIV and represent an important means in the definition of the most effective educational paths according to the needs of each group.  

Self-assessment is promoted from kindergarten, as it constitutes a core skill in the students’ progress - metacognitive ability for the learning process. The ability to make judgements regarding their own skills, knowledge and struggles is essential in the learning process.  

Parents or Guardians follow the academic progress of their children, namely through quarterly student progress and performance analysis reports, through mid-term and end of term assessment forms, or through weekly meetings with the class teacher. Meetings with the teachers of each class, with the school coordinator and with the educational director can also be scheduled, when appropriate.