The Vilamoura International School (Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura - CIV) is the most prestigious educational institute (Pre-school, Primary School and Secondary School) in the South of Portugal, encompassing the Portuguese National, British (adapted) National and the Cambridge International curricula.

CIV is located in a unique natural environment, with a recreational space of about 18,500m2.  It has developed an educational model over the last 30 years that invests in the early learning of foreign languages (Portuguese, English, French and Russian), research programmes, the development of mathematical thinking and the promotion of the arts, sports, democratic values and educational priorities supported by humanistic values.




    • “I really enjoyed studying in na international school. Actually it is always a good topic to discuss at job interviews. The education I received at CIV was excellent!”

      Spencer Webb, finalista 2007

    • “Being a student at Vilamoura International School led me to understand various perspectives and share experiences with colleagues from many other countries.”

      Kieran Lyaman, finalista 2010

    • “A vida universitária foi uma experiência que me permitiu descobrir noutra dimensão a verdadeira importância que o Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura teve na minha vida.”

      Frederico Geraldo, finalista 2003

    • “At CIV we meet people from all over the world. CIV was more than a school, it provided the stepping stones that allowed me to become more demanding of myself and create personal challenges.”

      Loris Stabile, finalista 2001

    • “It was a smooth transition that was made simple through the examples set by CIV”

      Érica Guerreiro, finalista 2002

    • “CIV’s International environment was extremely important in my education. The fact that it is a well-respected school internationally, facilitated my application to Salford University. ”

      Rudi Fernandes, finalista 2006

  • Language learning and culture mark trip to France

    Last week Year 8 and 7º ano students travelled to France to work on their French language proficiency and learn more about French...

    Tuesday, 28/09/2021

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